Online Learning Resource for Teachers and Parents

online learning tips & tricks Feb 01, 2021

I have gone a little CRAZY over the last few months, not having school for three months, then summer, then back to online learning! It has been super hard!  I work as an SLPA and had to take most of my practice online due to COVID. I had to get creative and look at different resources. One resource I found was Boom Learning!

What is Boom Learning?

Boom Learning is interactive, self-grading, and, most important, it’s a fun way to learn! You can create Boom Learning classrooms, you can send clients or students links, and they can do the cards on their own, and you can collect the DATA!  These links can be shared on Zoom and in a Google Classroom. 

I am creating card sets for AAC core word modeling! Join Boom Learning below and see how this might help your child or students you work with! 

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