Courtney Burnett

Licensed SLPA + IEP Coach


I help parents understand and advocate for their child’s best needs through my custom coaching, courses, and parent support programs.

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Courtney Burnett, Licensed SLPA + IEP Coach

Navigating the world of IEPS, 504s, and all the other accommodations for your child with disabilities doesn’t have to be overwhelming . . . and you don’t have to do it alone!

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Whether you need an IEP Review, a 504 Plan, or more in-depth coaching, I’m here to lend you my experience and knowledge to make this often-confusing process productive + less stressful.

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My e-book resources are designed to give you emotional support and practical solutions. These books are an affordable option for parents who need support and answers.

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Ready to deepen your knowledge about AAC? These in-depth, no-fluff courses cover everything you need to know – from getting started to proper IEP inclusion and more.

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“It is so refreshing to have somebody working with special needs children, who has a special needs child. This makes Courtney more compassionate, caring, and so much more understanding of some of the everyday challenges we as parents face raising these special kids.”

–Sonia, special needs parent

Safe Haven Advocacy Community 

The Safe Haven Advocacy Community
 is a resource-packed monthly membership for parents of children with disabilities. 

We focus on foundational advocacy skills and special education hot topics

It’s a supportive place for parents to grow in their advocacy skills for their children and a community full of parents and caregivers who understand your journey. 

You will have access to a board-certified special education advocate inside the community.
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Licensed SLPA, IEP Coach, and Mom to a Child with Disabilities.

There’s no way around it – life with a special needs child is hard. But raising a kiddo with disabilities does not mean you have to miss out on epic summer road trips or daily joy. You can have fun and enjoy life… you just need a little help! I’ve spent my entire professional career helping children access the power of their voice (this can happen in so many different ways!) and helping parents advocate and learn how to empower their own kids.  And I’ve spent my entire motherhood raising, teaching, and empowering my beautiful daughter with disabilities.  When it comes to IEPs, 504s, AACs (and all the other acronyms in the world of children with disabilities!), I know all of the information. I can help you understand complicated wording and confusing processes, so you know exactly what your child is entitled to and if it’s working.  I also know the emotional side of parenting special needs kids, so I can help you overcome the parent-guilt, find joy, and even give you a shoulder to cry on if you need it. Together, we can do this! 


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You want what’s best for your child, you’re just not sure how to make it happen.

Let me help show you the way!

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