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No-fluff information to deepen your understanding of AT, AAC, and IEP inclusion.

AT and The IEP

Assistive technology (AT) is underutilized in IEPs across the country.

In 85% of IEPs, I review AT is omitted, even though it could help the child.

  • If your child has difficulty communicating, AT could help.
  • Difficulty with writing AT can help
  • Reading delays, AT can help

This course teaches you everything you need to know about ensuring your child’s AT needs are accurately included in their IEP and that their team knows how to use it.

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Parent to Parent Course

As a parent to a special needs kid myself, I know how frustrating it can be when your kid is in therapy, but they aren’t making progress. 

This course teaches you about visual supports and AAC and gives you the tools you need to add these into everyday life to support your child’s speech!

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As an IEP Coach and Licensed SLPA, I specialize in inclusion solutions, assistive technology using a multisensory approach, and creating strength-based IEPs.

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