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This service is for parents who want an outside opinion on their child’s IEP.

Please note: Student must already have an existing IEP to use this service.

IEP Review Includes:

  • Zoom or phone strategy session to determine focus of review
  • Evaluation of goals in IEP – are they specific, measurable, and accurate?
  • Services check – do the assigned services match the goals and child’s needs?
  • Expert recommendations and highlighted areas of concern
  • Missed opportunities identified

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504 PLAN

This service is for parents who want to have a 504 put in place for their child, figure out if they qualify for a 504, or need help with their request for a 504.

504 Plan Includes:

  • Education about students qualifications for a 504
  • Review of an existing 504
  • Assistance gathering appropriate documentation and medical diagnosis required to request a 504 for child
  • Written request letter outlining why child qualifies for and would benefit from a 504

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IEP In A Day Coaching

This service is for parents who want in-depth support from a board-certified special education advocate and IEP coach. Your student may already have an IEP in place OR you may be looking for help in understanding if they qualify.

Coaching Includes:

  • IEP review
  • Two-hour coaching session
  • IEP In A Day Indiviulized IEP advocacy spiral notebook
  • Walk you through the entire IEP process if you’re just beginning
  • Assist with IEP transitions – to Kindergarten, middle school, and high school
  • 30 days of Voxer support following our coaching session

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1:1 Support puts an IEP expert in your backpocket! 

You’re doing an incredible job for your kid – I’m here to support you both.

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"We had speech therapy for over ten years when my daughter Brookie starting working with Courtney. She honestly has learned more in the last year with Courtney than she learned in all of those years of speech therapy combined! Courtney’s expertise with AAC combined with passion, compassion and fun has helped my daughter’s communication skills blossom! Brookie loves Courtney and she can feel the love Courtney has for her. I am so very thankful for such a kind, dedicated therapist that sees the little girl inside wanting to learn, and has helped our daughter grow. Brooke has things to say and at almost 12 years old, we are finally 'hearing' her!”

–Brittany Miller


Self-guided learning for parents who want to learn and better support their child with disabilities

AT & The IEP

Your child has an IEP and has assistive technology needs.

This course teaches you everything you need to know about ensuring your child’s AT, AAC, support, and services needs are accurately included in their IEP. In addition, implementation plans are necessary for your child to be supported in using assistive technology at school. 


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Parent to Parent

As a parent to a special needs kid myself, I know how frustrating it can be when your kid is in therapy, but they aren’t making progress. 

This course teaches you about visual supports and AAC and gives you the tools you need to add these into everyday life to support your child’s speech! 


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These courses offer an in-depth education in a convenient, self-guided format.

Let’s make sure your child has the best accommodations + supports in place!

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