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By Courtney Burnett, SLPA

Ebooks are the perfect place to start for parents who need a little support or education.

You can only do better when you know better. Let’s learn together!


A membership community for fun, accessible speech support, and interactive activities

The Communication Club is a supportive home for parents of special needs children. Inside The Club we’re sharing fun, monthly activities you can do with your child to support their communication in merely minutes a day.

We’ve got an encouraging forum for parents to ask questions, support one another, and collaborate with other parents who get it.

And we offer training and resources for talking to and working with your child’s team, so you can finally feel like your kid is getting consistent support across the board.

Parenting a special needs child can feel isolating and overwhelming. Come join THE COMMUNICATION CLUB – we understand, and we want to support you!


No-fluff information to deepen your understanding of AT, AAC, and IEP inclusion.

Free resources that will propel your IEP journey

A Free Webinar that will:

Unlock the Secrets to Maximizing your Child’s IEP Journey

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Working with Courtney

I’m a disabilities advocate, IEP Coach, licensed Speech and Language Pathologist Assistant, and a mom of a child with disabilities.

What does that mean for you? I’m an expert who can help you navigate the complicated world of IEPs (and many more accommodations) while also understanding and making space for the emotional weight parenting a special needs child can carry.