Modeling AAC Changes Everything

aac communication device communication matters lamp words for life modeling language parent to parent course Sep 03, 2021

Developing meaningful language should not take 84 years. Yet this is how long it would take a child or adult to learn augmentative and alternative communication if only worked on during speech therapy.


Let me explain if AAC is only worked on in speech therapy 2x a week for 20 minutes; it will take your child 84 years to have the same language exposure as a toddler. 


Your child or student who is learning AAC (Augmentative Alternative Communication) needs to be exposed to everyone modeling AAC so they can learn.


We must speak AAC for our child to learn AAC. Modeling on the communication board or communication device is a must for the child to develop the motor plan to use their device effectively in communication. 


The device needs to be available in all environments. 


If you are a parent and are unsure how to model or bring AAC into all environments at home, please check out my Parent to Parent Course at I designed this just for parents wanting and needing more support and coaching on learning and using alternative communication in their homes. 


You can also download my freebie myths vs. facts at


Have additional questions about AAC; please reach out. 


Communication should be fun and functional.


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