Navigating the Holidays with Your Child's IEP

holidays iep Nov 08, 2023


November and December are months filled with festive cheer and anticipation. 


As a parent of a child with disabilities, it can also be a time when you navigate the unique challenges of ensuring your child's Individualized Education Plan (IEP) continues to support their needs. 


Below, you’ll find valuable tips and advice to help you and your child thrive throughout the following months and make the most of this holiday season.


  1. Communicate with the School:

I cannot stress this enough! The holiday season typically brings changes to schedules, school activities, and more. Make sure to reach out to your child's teachers and IEP team to discuss any adjustments that might be needed to accommodate your child's specific requirements during this time. You’ve heard me say it before: Communication is key.


  1. Review Your Child's IEP:

Take this time to revisit your child's IEP. Ensure that it still aligns with their current needs and goals. If any adjustments are necessary, schedule a meeting with your child's IEP team to update the plan accordingly. The IEP must remain an ever-evolving document.


  1. Advocate for Your Child:

Sometimes, the holiday season can be a bit hectic, and your child's needs might be overlooked. Don't hesitate to advocate for your child's rights and accommodations. Be proactive and assertive in ensuring that they receive the support they need.


  1. Prepare for Special Events:

If your child's school organizes special holiday events or activities, discuss how your child can participate comfortably. Ensure that any necessary accommodations or support services are in place.


  1. Maintain Consistency:

In these next two months often come changes in routine. It's important to maintain consistency as much as possible. Consistency can provide a sense of security for children. Try to keep the same schedule for therapies, activities, and other important aspects of your child's routine.


Bonus tip for you: I see you always reading and researching how best to advocate and support your child….but make sure you are taking care of yourself as well.


It's easy to get caught up in the holiday rush and forget to take care of yourself. Remember that self-care is essential. Taking care of your physical and emotional well-being will enable you to support your child better.

Navigating these next two months with your child's IEP may have its challenges, but with preparation and a proactive mindset, it can also be a time of growth and celebration. 


Remember, you're not alone on this journey.


Reach out to me—seek support, communicate openly, and ensure that your child's IEP continues to be the powerful tool for their success as it should be!


But most importantly, don’t forget to have fun, embrace the magic, and take in the love during this season!

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