The Power of Finding Your People in Parenthood

Dec 06, 2023


         The Power of Finding Your People in Parenthood

If you're reading this, you will understand the unique challenges that come with being a parent to a child with special needs. It's a journey filled with joys and obstacles; sometimes, it can feel like you're in a game and someone forgot to give you the rule book. 


But let me tell you:


You're not alone in this. 


I want to take some time to dive into the transformative power of having a community to lean on—a community of incredible parents who truly get it.


The Isolation We Feel


Parenthood, in itself, can be isolating at times, but the isolation can become even more profound when you're dealing with the nuances of raising a child with a disability. The playdates, the casual coffee meet-ups, they might dwindle. Friends who once were there every step of the way might unintentionally step back, not because they don't care but because they may not fully understand the challenges you face.


Navigating the Misunderstandings


And then there are those moments when well-meaning friends or family members say things that unintentionally cut deep. They might offer advice that doesn't quite fit or make comments that, instead of bringing comfort, leave you feeling even more alone. It's not their fault; it's just that the struggles we face as parents of children with disabilities can be so unique that they're hard to relate to.


The Beauty of Community


Because I can’t survive any other way—there is immense strength in finding a community of women who share similar experiences. A group of people who you don't have to explain every detail because they've been there too. A space where you can share your victories, your fears, and the small but monumental achievements that only someone who walks a similar path can truly appreciate.

Why Community Matters


Having a community of women who understand your journey can be a game-changer. It's a place where the isolation dissipates, replaced by a sense of belonging and understanding. It’s a place where you know you'll find shoulders to lean on during the tough days and cheerleaders who genuinely celebrate your child's every triumph.


It’s why I started the Safe Haven Community…for Moms like us.


Looking for your own group of women who get it? 


Of course, I encourage you to join us all inside the Safe Haven Community. You belong.


Other ways to find supportive communities:


Attend Local Meet-Ups


Check if there are local meet-ups or support groups in your area. Meeting face-to-face with parents who understand your journey can be incredibly uplifting.


Share Your Story


Consider sharing your story within your community. Your experiences might resonate with others and create a foundation for lasting connections.


Attend Events or Workshops


Attend events or workshops organized by advocacy groups. These gatherings not only provide valuable information but also offer opportunities to connect with like-minded parents.


Know this Mama:


Parenting a child with a disability is undoubtedly a unique journey, but it's one that becomes immeasurably brighter when you find your people. You're not alone, and there's a community waiting to embrace you with open arms. Seek them out, share your journey, and let the power of community light your path.


To all the incredible parents out there, remember, your story is powerful, your challenges are valid, and together, we're stronger.


Sending you all the love and strength,


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