Parent to Parent Course

This course is for parents who are ready to take the overwhelm out of getting started with visual communication by having a plan and tools that work for your busy life. 

Parent to Parent, Tell Me – Have You Ever Thought...


  • My child is in speech therapy, and we’re doing all the right things, but they aren’t making progress

  • Nothing seems to be working! My child has missed speech and language milestones, and I’m worried

  • Meltdowns are always happening because I can’t communicate with my child

  • Even though my child has a few words, it’s still very difficult to communicate with them… and it’s breaking my heart!

Listen, I’ve been where you are. I’m no stranger to all the complicated emotions that are involved in communication challenges and wanting the best for your kid.

That’s why Parent to Parent exists! This course teaches you all about different visual communication supports, shows you how to master the 1-2-3 Method to use at home, introduces you to Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), and gives you a chance to take a deep breath – you don’t have to figure it all out on your own! You'll get access to this one-of-a-kind course, plus one-on-one private coaching through the Voxer app for 30 days. 

Learn from Me

"I took Courtney's Communication Matters- Parent to Parent Course and it was amazing. It gave me all the information I needed to make the decision to get an AAC evaluation! My daughter qualified for Lamp Word for Life and has been thriving using her AAC device! Courtney changed my daughter's future and for that, I will forever be thankful!



What are different supports and how can you use them at home? I’m breaking it all down and explaining how to use these to help your child gain more communication skills!

1-2-3 METHOD

I teach this helpful method that parents and caregivers can use to get started with visual support right away! It’s a simple approach that makes helping your child effective + easy.


AAC stands for Augmentative and alternative communication and describes any number of devices. Find out how to get one for your child and include it in their IEP.


All kinds of resources including: words and gestures, 1-2-3 Method tracker, Core boards (3 levels to grow with your child), visual support labels, and “How I’m Feeling” toolkit

Empower your child with more communication skills! You’ll both love the way being able to effectively communicate changes your relationship. 


All of this for only $147!

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I’ve been in your shoes, and I want you to know...

Not being able to effectively communicate with your child is exhausting. It takes an emotional and physical toll on both parents and children.

But you can empower your child with communication skills through a variety of visual supports!

You want what’s best for your child – and you’re doing a great job!

I want you to know that it’s okay to accept help along the way. That actually makes you a great parent! In Parent to Parent, I’m taking you under my wing and helping you jump years ahead. I’ve been through it all, with a child who was consistently receiving speech therapy yet not making any progress. We eventually found visual communication supports that helped change our life and give our daughter the ability to express herself and her needs.

But you don’t have to go through years of trying to figure it out on your own!

Outsourcing the exhaustive research and trial-and-error means you’ll actually have more time to spend enjoying your child and appreciating the fun times! I’m excited for you to come learn with us.


Hi, I’m Courtney!

I know the ins-and-outs of parenting a child with disabilities through a professional lens–as an SLPA and IEP Coach–and through a personal lens–as the mom to an awesome, special needs child.

I’ve put decades of personal and professional experience together to create Parent to Parent, and I know you’re going to be amazed at everything that’s inside: visual supports, methods, education, skills, downloads, and more! 

My mission is to help equip and empower parents to be the best advocate for their child. It takes years of research, energy, and experience to learn everything I’ve learned… but I want you to focus more on enjoying your kid and living life together than researching alternative communication methods. 

Take a deep breath, relax those shoulders, and dive on into this course. I promise – you’re going to be glad you did. Plus, you get 30 days of private one-on-one coaching inside the Voxer app.

I'm Ready to Join!

You want to communicate with your child!

I'm here to help you choose the right visual support, master the 1-2-3 Method, and learn more about AAC so you can do just that.

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Thirty Days of coaching. Private one-on-one coaching inside Voxer. 

Q & A inside the private Facebook group. We will cover different communication options, and how to model at home, we will create a plan for getting started with visual communication at home, and I will give you the information and the tools needed to communicate with your child's team. 

You will also get private coaching for thirty days inside an app called Voxer. You can leave me your questions and get customized solutions directly to your phone! 


Learning Library


You get access to the Parent to Parent learning library from day one. There are ten lessons for you to go through. Each lesson builds off of the other. You will have the information you need to get started using augmentative alternative communication (AAC) with your child. 



Community is key for parents and caregivers using AAC in their homes. Knowing you have people we get it, run ideas by, and we can support you.



All kinds of resources including: words and gestures, 1-2-3 Method tracker, Core boards (3 levels to grow with your child), visual support labels, and “How I’m Feeling” toolkit

Join the Parent to Parent Course and take the overwhelm out of getting started with visual communication. With the plan we create in the Parent to Parent course, you will walk away with a plan and the tools that work for your busy life.

Having a plan that works for your family will change your life.


You don't have to do this alone. Enroll in the Parent to Parent Course and get the support you deserve. 


Join the Parent to-Parent Course for only  $147!

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Courtney your Parent Course is fabluous. At one point, your comments helped me understand my "heart" struggles with this device and I acually cried. I just felt so oeverhelmed and not really sure where to even start. but, your course helped me realize I just need to start with the 1-2-3 Method. Courtney helped me see that I can do this for my son. The Parent to Parent Course helped me see the possibilities for my son, and his future and for that, I will forever be thankful!