If you're ready to feel empowered about how your child's AAC device should be included in their IEP-You're in the right place.

My Kid Has an AAC Device – Now What?!


Congratulations on taking a major step toward increasing your child’s communication capabilities! 

While powerful devices, AACs are relatively new and still very misunderstood (or not even known about!) in many educational settings.

My daughter started working with an AAC over 10 years ago, and since then, we’ve learned a lot about advocating for her, training her team, and making sure the device is actually being used.

Inside the AAC and The IEP Program, we will go step-by-step through everything you need to know about the best practices in documenting AAC in your child's IEP, understanding the history of special education in the united states, and how IDEA Law is designed to help you be an equal member of the IEP team. 

You'll get access to the online library with the core lessons + thirty days of live coaching inside a private Facebook group. 

Live coaching will include weekly lessons taught inside the private Facebook group and weekly Q & A. 

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Before You Sign Up for This Program...

Have you had any of these thoughts or concerns?

  • This device was $10,000! I don’t want to mess it up or let my kid break it!

  • How hard can this be? I’ll just figure it out on my own. There’s always YouTube…

  • My child’s support team should know what to do. I’ll just let them do it.

  • Adding the AAC to my child’s IEP is too overwhelming – I’ll just wait til next year.

  • The legal and IEP language is too confusing. I don’t even know where to start!

If any of these sound familiar – you’re not alone! I work with lots of parents who have these exact thoughts or concerns. 


Here’s what I need you to know: Effective use of an AAC will significantly improve your child’s means of communication. For many children, it’s a life-changing device. We watched my daughter’s AAC work wonders for her – but it wasn’t easy, and we didn’t have anyone helping us figure it out.

You don’t have to do it all alone. So let me help speed you through years of experience and knowledge in one fantastic program designed with families in mind. 

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Enroll in AAC & The IEP Course-Payment Plan

                  Payment Plan 

The payment plan is available through April 2nd. Take advantage of splitting the payment for the AAC and The IEP Program. 


 Education Modules

Learn the history of Special Ed, differences in 504 vs IEP, how to make sure your team is trained to work with your child’s AAC device (not just on it), and more.

Getting the AAC on your IEP

Understand key takeaways from the IDEA Law that apply to assistive technology and learn how and where the use of AAC should be documented on an IEP.

 AAC and IEP Goal Framework 

Now that you’ve added the AAC to your child’s accommodations, what should IEP goals look like?

Templates & Downloads

Everything you need: how to set SMART goals, AAC goal development, AAC + the IEP checklist, key sections of the IEP, checklists for pre- and post-IEP meetings, goal progress tracking, and toolkit

Parent-Friendly Language

Between the acronyms and the legal language, it’s hard to even know what your child is entitled to or if they’re getting it. I break it all down in parent-friendly language and keep things simple!

Live Coaching

Live coaching for thirty days inside a private Facebook group. With weekly Q&A


All of this for only $147! 

Payment plan available. You save 15% when you pay in full.

**Payment Plan ends April 2nd, 2022

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How does this work?


When you sign-up below, you will receive immediate access to the AAC and The IEP Program lessons to teach you how to advocate for your child effectively.

The sooner you register for the AAC and The IEP program, the more time you will have to prepare for the live coaching sessions. Plus, you can start using the advocacy tips right away. 

Live coaching starts April 11th, 2022, and we meet weekly for the next 30 days.

Live coaching will be on Mondays at 8:00 a.m. PST. All sessions will be recorded; replays will also be uploaded to your learning library at the end of the 30 days. 

You will get coaching and support from me throughout the thirty days.

A payment plan is available through April 2, 2022. Enrollment ends April 8th!

"I took AAC and The IEP course and it was so valuable! I took this course to help me serve my clients at the highest level and have the best information about alternative communication methods. Courtney's course did not disappoint."

–Lisa Shaw

Meet Your AAC Expert

Hi, I'm Courtney!

An IEP Coach, licensed SLPA, and mom of a child with disabilities. I know that you want the best for your child – which is why you invested in an AAC!

But then it felt overwhelming, expensive, confusing, and frustrating. Trust me, I’ve been there, too.

Your child has an incredible opportunity to expand their communication when an AAC is used effectively and consistently. But it’s a lot to figure out.

I’ve done all the work for you. Over the past 10 years, we’ve learned how to use these devices with our daughter. We know how to make them fun and engaging, and we’ve learned – through trial and error – how to train her team to use them, too.

I created this program because it’s exactly what I wish existed when I got my child’s first AAC. And I’m excited for you to learn and be empowered to get the most out of your child’s life-changing device!

What will you be learning each week?

Week one: Introduction to inclusivity and education entitlements. Learn the knowledge and education to become the best advocate for your child.

Week two: Pre IEP meeting. What to know prior to your IEP meeting so that you feel prepared to advocate for your child's rights.

Week three: Empowering you During the IEP Meeting-Knowing how to navigate an IEP meeting so that you can ensure the best results for your child.

Week four: Ensuring ongoing inclusivity- What you can do as a parent to guarantee your child receives the education they deserve. 


Courtney and her fantastic courses and programs have helped me better prepare to help families navigate special education and communication needs. So, run don't walk to enroll in the  AAC and The IEP Program.

You’ve invested in AAC for your child.

Now it’s time to learn how to effectively advocate for AAC inclusion so that your child's IEP team can learn how to work on and with your child's AAC device in all school settings.

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